Your dedicated team of Python, Django and AWS experts

Discover the power of Python & Django business software running on the Amazon cloud:

  • Create on-line platforms (web / mobile) that scale seamlessly to serve millions of users
  • Automate business processes and gain strategic operational insights with custom reporting and CEO dashboards
  • Build tailored mobile software for your workforce or partner network
  • Optimise back-end software and website performance for speed and discoverability (SEO)
  • Ensure that your people & technology stack can scale to support 10-times your current loads (without 10-times your current expenses!)
  • Benefit from compliance with software security, payment industry (PCI DSS), financial transaction reporting (MiFID ii) and data protection regulations (GDPR) 
  • Modernise legacy systems, or create new interfaces to existing data & components


We work with fast-growing SME businesses and leading global ORGANISATIONS worldwide: 

We use an industry-grade, time-proven Open-Source technology stack, including the Python programming language, the Django web framework, the PostgreSQL database and the Amazon Web Services cloud (AWS). Click here to learn more.


Latest Thinking

GET IT DONe with Python

Find out what we do, how we work, the software technologies that we use, and read insightful case studies of clients we've helped.

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Prepare your business for the new EU data protection regulation, which will affect all UK SMEs that handle customer information. 

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UK Software Developers

We are always interested in outstanding talent. If you are a thought leader in modern software engineering or an expert back-end developer with a proven track record and strong experience with Python, Django, Erlang / Elixir, PostgreSQL, React Native or AWS, we want to hear from you. E-mail us a cover letter, CV, Github profile, or whatever you are proud of:

Bespoke Python software, tailored for your business. Rapid prototyping. Scalable, production-ready systems that help you embrace change. Industry-grade technology & components. Long-term maintenance & support of new or existing systems.