At A115 we have been building custom business software solutions for the world's leading organisations and fast-growing enterprises since 2007. Whether you are creating a new on-line platform, or want to get the most out of your existing systems, our team of senior back-end, front-end and mobile developers, business analysts and technology advisers will work with you to ensure your business has the capacity to sustain rapid growth. 

We are based in London and specialise in building scalable on-line and mobile platforms that deliver tangible competitive advantage. Our secret weapon is our results-oriented methodology for developing bespoke business process automation software that hooks up seamlessly into the way YOU do business. We achieve this by using industry-grade, time-proven Open-Source technologies, including Python, Django, PostgreSQL and the Amazon Web Services cloud (AWS).

This is how we can provide industry-leading quality at a fraction of the costs incurred by big-name enterprise software. As open-source is the foundation of our business, we regularly contribute to projects that we value. 

Some examples of services we've built for clients

  • Web-based Business Applications (mobile-optimised / responsive)
  • Back-end Process Automation Software
  • Advanced e-Commerce Platforms
  • Custom Administration Panels and Dashboards
  • Data processing applications (large-volume, low latency, real-time)
  • Data entry interfaces to existing or legacy databases (any technology)
  • Monitoring and reporting modules of any complexity
  • Data import / export functionality, web-scraping modules, IoT data processing
  • Business rules engines with human and machine interfaces
  • Inventory management systems
  • Price-comparison platforms and recommendation engines
  • Workforce management applications (and in-field mobile software for agents)
  • Financial data visualisation platforms
  • Transactional messaging platforms (e-mail, SMS, push notifications)
  • Bespoke software to support quality management systems, software security management and risk mitigation efforts in various industries (ISO 9001, ISO 27001, HACCP)
  • Data protection software and consulting (DPA, GDPR)
  • Software and consulting to support the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance
  • Financial transaction reporting software (EMIR, MiFiD ii, CAT)
  • CEO Dashboards

Our Mission

At A115, we strive to continuously re-invent the tools and processes that we use in order to offer ever-increasing ROI to our business clients. We keep what works, drop what doesn't, and focus our time and attention on making substantial contributions to our clients' performance. 

Software is not a product, it is a process. Your business grows and changes all the time - and your software must do so too. Most code is written as if it will remain intact, when it should instead facilitate change.
— Jordan Dimov, Founder, A115