Here are some of the open-source technologies that we use to provide industry-grade bespoke software solutions to our business clients:

Why we love the tools we use

  • The Python programming language, for clean, readable and change-friendly code. We write new software with Python 3, but are also happy to supporting existing Python 2 code-bases (and to help you to eventually transition to Python 3.)
  • The Django web framework for quickly putting together web-based solutions and APIs that can grow to support serious production traffic and huge amounts of data. We also use GeoDjango for advanced GIS applications.
  • JavaScript and jQuery for universally accessible, lean front-ends (we stick to the basics, but can maintain any JS framework.)
  • The powerful PostgreSQL database for reliably and securely managing data of any size and shape. (BTW., Django and PostgreSQL are a match made in heaven!)
  • The Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud for fast, compliant, scalable deployments worldwide
  • Erlang, OTP, Elixir and Phoenix for concurrent programming and dynamic web apps that need to work with (near-)real-time data.
  • Twitter Bootstrap and HTML 5 for quick prototyping and responsive mobile interfaces.
  • React Native for performance-optimised mobile apps that run on iOS and Android alike.


Our open-source contributions

Visit our GitHub profile to see our OSS contributions.