Plain-English guide to GDPR compliance for UK on-line businesses

Plain-English guide to GDPR compliance for UK on-line businesses

Beginning in 2018, EU regulation around data protection becomes a lot stricter and more comprehensive. The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an update of the former EU Data Privacy Directive (DPD), design for our modern, hyper-connected world. We have released a plain English guide to help you understand what this means for UK-based on-line businesses and how to position your SME to best take advantage of the new regulation realities. 

The challenges of timekeeping in business-critical software

In almost any kind of business software, dates and times are vital pieces of information that need to be handled with care and precision. At first glance, these types of data may seem trivial to work with - almost as "easy" as working with numbers. But just like humble numbers occasionally show their thorns (e.g. in the form of rounding errors), dates and times can also lead to unexpected, and sometimes very expensive problems! 

A simple tool to align activities with business goals

Regardless of the size of an organisation (whether it is a large multi-national corporation, a government agency, an SME business, or even an individual freelancer) - it is all too easy to lose track of the reason behind each task throughout the day. Without a good system in place, it can be challenging to measure the effects of every activity on the overall business goals. As a result, prioritisation becomes habitually driven by urgency (rather than importance) and it becomes impossible to break through the current level of performance.

Discover a surprisingly simple “low-tech” tool that provides an elegant solution to these problems.

How software became the core of business

Over the span of just a few decades, as the capabilities of computing machines increased many-fold and the world became more connected, the balance of power changed in unexpectedly dramatic ways. Suddenly, a few small enterprises that not only embraced software, but built whole new business models around it, started growing so rapidly that they took entire markets from under the feet of the incumbents. Empires crumbled and were replaced by new ones — smaller, yet wealthier.

Then the genie got out of the bottle...